Say Hello To Snap! Spend

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Manage your program funds and support what matters with transparency

The Snap! Mobile family is getting bigger! We’re so excited to introduce you to Snap! Spend – our transparent money management platform for teams and clubs. Snap! Spend offers safe, simple, and secure support for your program’s financial needs.

Snap! Spend’s platform gives teams and clubs all the money management tools they need in one place and provides families with secure online portals for their payments. Features include banking services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, simple budgeting, clear payments, and flexible systems for programs to manage money with ease and transparency.

How does Snap! Spend support coaches and group leaders?

  • Banking: End-to-end financial management. Snap! Spend combines everything you need to run your team or club in one system, saving you time and giving you a complete picture of your finances.
  • Budgeting: Budget, share, and track expenses and receipts. Snap! Spend gives you an easy way to budget for anticipated expenses and track any spending against your budget.
  • Payments: Organize, track, and accept team funds. Snap! Spend summarizes your collections progress and directs your attention to the important stuff, like which payments and players need your attention.

How does Snap! Spend support donors and families?

  • Security: Families receive an online portal to manage and pay their dues, secured with the same bank-level encryption used by major financial institutions.
  • Transparency: We enable team & club organizers to share budgets and spending with families so they can see where their contributions are going.
  • Convenience: Supporters maintain their flexibility with options to adjust billing permissions, enroll in autopay, and spread payments out over the course of a season.

Snap! Spend can be paired with any of Snap! Mobile’s administrative support solutions, like Snap! Raise (our digital fundraising tool) and Snap! Store (our e-commerce platform), so you can spend more time doing what you do best — building thriving programs for your students and athletes. Learn more…

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