Get complete visibility into your fundraisers, both past and present.

Snap! Insights is a comprehensive dashboard that displays everything about your fundraising campaigns – at no additional cost.
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Manage with transparency and security.

The Insights dashboard securely displays all records of your campaign supporters, donations, and funds raised.

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Full administrative control.

You now get full administrative control over the community optics of your fundraising campaigns before they go live. Insights makes it easy to approve campaign messaging and ensure oversight.

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Predict future fundraising.

Plan and predict future fundraising by leveraging historical data from your previous campaigns. Download custom financial reports to deliver to administrators instead of having to create them yourself.

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Transparent reporting to alleviate concerns.

Demonstrating equal opportunity fundraising with detailed reports that break down the numbers. Alleviate any concerns about “oversaturation” with the Insights donor geolocation feature, allowing you to see the areas where your donations are coming from.

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Customer Testimonial

Jeff Sprenger

Athletic Director, Ardery Kell High School

Charlotte, NC

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