How to Use Geofencing to Make Your Sports Marketing Smarter

Geofencing text with an image of an iphone showing a map of a venue

In the world of sports, every moment counts especially when it comes to engaging loyal fans. Imagine it’s the second half of your team’s basketball game and they just hit their fifth three-pointer of the game. This triggers a deal from one of your sponsors for free fries with any order, after the game. But how do you ensure fans get this deal without resorting to paper coupons or ticket checks? Enter geofencing, a revolutionary feature of the FanX platform that enables seamless digital fulfillment.

In this blog, we delve into the geofencing tool on the FanX platform, exploring how this innovative tool is reshaping sports marketing and the fan experience from the court to the concession stands. Get ready to discover a new era of fan engagement and excitement!

Geofencing delivers targeted sports marketing.

Geofencing works by pinpointing the location of users’ phones. Those who have the FanX app within the geofenced area gain access to exclusive content and offers, like the coveted free fries deal. Meanwhile, fans outside the zone miss out on these perks, ensuring rewards are reserved for those who make it to the game.
You can use geofencing to activate sponsorships, provide fans with gameday information, or even send notifications to just the fans at your venue. By rewarding attendees with exclusive content simply for being at the venue, Geofencing enhances the fan engagement experience and boosts loyalty by rewarding attendees with exclusive content simply for being at the venue.

Enhance fan engagement with geofenced push notifications.

Sending push notifications to people within a geofenced location ensures the fans at the venue get relevant information, while remote viewers are spared getting notifications that aren’t relevant to them. Whether advertising a deal at the concession stands or distributing the game’s digital program to fans at the arena, push notifications can be a great sports marketing tool to combine with geofencing.

Venue mapping + geofencing for the win.

By combining geofencing with the mapping features of the FanX platform, you can provide more value by not only giving fans coupons and offers from sponsors but by also pinning those sponsor locations on the map and allowing fans to get directions, all within the app.

Map of venue on iphone screen

Reward your fans for their loyalty with geofencing.

FanX Rewards is another way geofencing is utilized to provide value to your fans. Fans can attend the game and, while within the geofenced location, they can check in to the event, earning them points they can spend on cool prizes.

Keep things fun with location-based promotions and trivia.

Use FanX Trivia with geofencing to provide fans at the venue with a trivia game during breaks in the action. Set up promotions for sponsors so fans at the venue can get exclusive offers and deals. Publish your digital gameday programs through a promotional card so fans can access them while in the venue.

FanX offer screenshot. Text says "Check out this offer"

Geofencing on the FanX platform isn’t just about delivering offers—it’s about enhancing the entire fan experience, from the thrill of the game to the satisfaction of being rewarded for their loyalty.

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