How the FanX App Helped Streamline the Special Olympics Maine Summer Games Coordination

Special Olympics Maine

We spoke via Zoom with Sarah Phelps, Sports and Programs Coordinator at Special Olympics Maine.

As the Special Olympics Maine team prepared for the Summer Games, it identified several ongoing challenges with its traditional communication and organization methods. The team recognized the need to update its approach and digitize certain event coordination activities to reduce the usage of spreadsheets, email, and paper documents and for accessibility purposes.

The search for a better solution began with a general internet search and exploration of numerous technology solutions. The President of Special Olympics Maine had firsthand experience with the FanX app at a conference and suggested it be included in the technology vendor comparison.

During the FanX product demo, the Special Olympics Maine team liked the app’s features and the level of support the FanX team offered. The affordable price was an additional bonus, allowing the organization to reinvest the savings into their Summer Games.

The Special Olympics Maine team collaborated with the FanX team to set up their app, and its initial use during the Summer Games went well. Approximately 500 attendees downloaded and engaged with the event engagement app, leading to improvements in pre-event and event-day communication and organization:

  • Real-time updates: The app allowed the team to update schedules and instructions without the need for resending or reprinting.
  • Personalized push notifications: A 15-minute reminder notification sent to each event participant ensured more on-time event start times and reduced confusion due to schedule adjustments.
  • Easy registration and updates: The app enabled attendees to fill out missing forms from their phones on the day of the event, easing stress on the attendees and streamlining the sign-in process at the registration table.
  • Environmental impact: Transitioning to digital maps and schedules reduced paper waste.
  • Accessibility: Notifications sent directly to participants’ phones ensured everyone stayed informed on the day of the event.
  • The Special Olympics Maine team was pleased with the event engagement app during the Summer Games and plans to use it for future events.

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