Positioning Your FanX App as the Source of Truth

Words describing the FanX app. News Schedules Rosters Fan guide Rewards Trivia Sponsorships Parking info Venue map Ticketing Streaming Push notifications

Your community and students want your school athletics and activities information at their fingertips. They also crave a centralized hub where all relevant updates are readily available. Enter FanX – it isn’t just another app; it’s a game-changer in fan engagement.

Why FanX? Because it meets your fans where they are – on their mobile devices. With nearly 70% of web visits originating from mobile, it’s only logical to position your FanX mobile app as the go-to source for your school’s athletic and activities information.

So, how can you leverage FanX to solidify your position as the primary information source?

1. News Feed

Keep your news feed regularly updated with articles from your athletics website, third-party news sites, and X (formerly Twitter) feeds. Keeping the content fresh will prove invaluable as fans turn to your app for information.

FanX screenshot of an article about an event

2. Schedule

Ensure that your schedule is updated daily to avoid any discrepancies. When fans trust that your app always has the most accurate schedules and other information, they’ll keep coming back for more.

3. Quick Navigation Links

The home screen event schedule is a standout feature of the FanX platform. With events and games prominently displayed, users can quickly access audio/video feeds, live stats, check-in for rewards points, and more. Providing instant access to crucial information upon opening the app reinforces your credibility.

FanX screenshot of a football schedule

4. Fan Guide

To truly elevate your app to a one-stop shop for all things athletics and activities, maximize the potential of the fan guide. Whether it’s game-day logistics, parking details, venue policies, or anything in between, the fan guide is meant to fill in all the gaps. You’re also able to target specific audiences within your app. For instance, you can publish a parking guide for your volleyball exclusively for volleyball fans. This will provide fans with the information they need and declutter the app. When fans struggle to find what they need, they’re less likely to return.

FanX isn’t just an app. It’s a community builder and information hub transforming fan engagement. Ready to learn more? Check out the app for yourself, and we’ll treat your office to a 🍕 pizza party! During your demo, ask us how you can partner with Snap! Mobile to unlock up to 75% off for a limited time only. Book a demo now.