A Superteam to Supercharge Your Program

Snap! Mobile and Hudl have joined forces to overcome the most common obstacle to unlocking game-changing technology for athletes – funding. Communities can now support their teams’ access to Hudl through fundraising with Snap! Raise, the leading fundraising platform in the industry.
basketball team celebrating with snap raise and hudl logo above it

Activate Hudl or Level-Up Your Current Package

With the Snap! Raise fundraising platform, adding more features to your current package or accessing a Hudl Athletic Department Package (ADP) is now within your program’s reach. You can finally get the best that Hudl has to offer while supercharging your budget with guaranteed fundraising results you can build around year in and year out.

Girl with volleyball

Let’s Do This – Together

Combined, Snap Raise and Hudl have worked with over 99% percent of high schools nationwide; it’s a true Superteam dedicated to empowering your program! Simply fill out the form below or reach out directly to your Snap! Raise or Hudl Rep today to find out how you could have the most innovative suite of video and data tools powering your program in time for the upcoming season.