Raise More and Keep More with Snap! Raise

Snap! Raise is built to help sports teams and extracurricular groups raise funds quickly and safely. Whether you’re a long-standing football club or a freshly formed art program, we’ve got your back.
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Does Snap! Raise Work?

Yes! In just 28 days teams, clubs, and high school groups can raise the money needed to pay for new uniforms, lower costs, enter tournaments or even start a scholarship program.
As the industry leader in online fundraising, we’ve had the pleasure of working with more than 125,000 teams and groups around the country. Together we’ve raised more than $800M in total funds.
Never have your team sell physical products or go door to door again – Snap! Raise makes fundraising safe, quick, and easy.

What does Snap! Raise cost to use?

There are zero upfront costs or hidden transaction fees for using our technology platform. Unlike companies offering “free” services with hidden costs, we develop pricing that aligns with your needs, helping you achieve your fundraising goals while ensuring your data remains secure.

Is Snap! Raise legit?

We’d say so, but don’t take our word for it. With more than 125,000 teams, groups, and clubs served in every state across the nation, they say it better than we ever could.

Who is Snap! Raise for?

High school teams, club sport groups, youth groups and afterschool clubs, e-sport teams, bands, cheer groups, DECA programs, art programs, cheer groups, orchestras, athletic directors, ASB groups, booster clubs. . . you get the point. Snap! Raise is for anyone who needs to raise money in the high school or youth space who aspires to fund or create an awesome program.

I’ve read that Snap! Raise keeps half of all donations. Is that right?

Nope. You’ve got us confused with product-based fundraisers like cookie dough, popcorn and discount card-based fundraisers that only give teams 50% of what they raise.
With Snap! Raise, we develop pricing that aligns with your program’s needs, and we’ve created other tools, like a team gear shop, to help you keep fundraising year-round.

I’ve talked with someone who said “We’re just like Snap! Raise” - what makes you different?

Simple: our people, proprietary process, and cutting-edge platform just can’t be duplicated.
Neither can our belief that every kid needs a champion coach, mentor or supporter in their life. Our mission is simple: to build an ecosystem of tools that frees leaders from the myriad of administrative burdens so they can do what they do best, champion kids.