Snap! Insights

Snap! Insights is our newest tool built for Athletic Directors and Financial Decision Makers.
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Quickly receive complete visibility into every financial detail of your organization’s fundraising efforts.

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Review past, present, and future campaigns in a single, digital location to create educated financial forecasting

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Custom Reporting

Pull custom and complete reports in real-time and expedite the transfer of information from departments to bookkeepers

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Prevent the mismanagement of fundraised money to increase financial accuracy & audit preparedness

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How Does Snap! Insights Work?


Connect all campaigns, programs, and schools into one complete dashboard. Insights gives you a rolled-up holistic view of all fundraising within your department or district

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Dive into the data. Using Insights, you can view historical campaigns and run customized reports to analyze all fundraising within your programs. Understand who has donated, to which programs, and how much.

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Plan for the upcoming year. Using historical data and being able to view upcoming campaigns, you can begin to estimate and create a financially sound plan for upcoming seasons and years.

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And It Looks Amazing

Snap! Insights is built to be easy to navigate and give you the information you need.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie


Athletic Directors and Administrators benefitting from Snap! Raise Insights features

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

$1 million

Additional raised using Snap! Raise Insights tools and functions

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Campaigns run using Snap! Raise Insights

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Listen To Snap! Insights Testimonials

Matt Ryder (AD)
Maine South HS in Park Ridge

“The biggest win: easy access—just being able to monitor your teams and their progress with each fundraiser whenever you want …. In the past, you’d try to estimate how much you’ve raised. Insights is a quick, easy access point to know not only how much each team is bringing in, but how much as an athletic department.”

Tony Millard (AD)
Oswego East HS

“[Snap Raise Insights] is valuable when I talk to coaches about the upcoming needs. If we have an idea of how much money they’re going to need to get through the season, we can look at what they’ve done in the past with Snap! Insights.”