Snap! Store Product Updates

Here’s what’s new and coming soon

May/June 2024

Withdraw your Store's points as a check

Earn funds year-round for your program with the “Cash in your points” feature, available in the Edit tab on the Store Dashboard. Your program earns points based on a portion of your Snap! Store sales. 1 point equals $1.00 for your program, and you must withdraw a minimum amount of 100 points. Your payable information from your fundraiser is automatically tied to your store, making it easy to verify and withdraw your check. Checks will be sent to your program’s mailing address and typically arrive within 14-21 business days.

Adjust your Store’s profit margin

Earn more points by increasing the profit margin on your products! You can tailor the percentage your program gets back from sales to meet your program’s needs. Previously, Snap! Store gave you 10% back in points for every purchase. Now, you have the option to increase that percentage and get up to 35% back. Increasing the margin will yield more points for your team, which can be redeemed, awarded, or withdrawn as a check.

Customize gear with a name and jersey number!

Snap! Store customized fan gear, two long sleeve t-shirts, one with custom printing on the back

Your supporters and fans can now rep their favorite player or create unique gear with custom printing! Add a name or jersey number to the back of t-shirts and sweatshirts in the “Custom Printing” category in your Store. Adding a name or number is available for the additional cost of $7 per customization.