Safe Kids. Secure Funds.

Coaches, ADs, and group leaders are pillars of trust within a community. Your school administration, parents, and kids depend on you to make the right choices to prioritize your kids’ data privacy and keep your program’s funds secure.

Are you prepared?
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The Stakes are High

If you are fundraising for your program and not using the KYC process, your funds are at risk. If you’re not checking your fundraising platform’s privacy practices, your kids’ (and your own) information is at risk.

We know you care about the safety of your kids and the success of your team. You can’t afford NOT to follow safe and secure fundraising practices. Make sure your fundraising platform provider feels the same way.
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Our Commitment

Snap! Mobile is committed to supporting athletic directors and coaches in making safe choices. As the sole fundraising platform affiliated with the Access 4 Learning Community, we adhere to stringent standards that safeguard your data and privacy. We commit to never sharing or selling program, participant, or donor data.

We’re leading the industry in safety and security since 2014:
  • No data breaches
  • No fines
  • No regulatory investigations
  • Guaranteed account security

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    Security + Data Privacy

    Here's What You Need to Know:

    Funds Safety

    When setting up a fundraiser, using personal accounts or Venmo and the like are not acceptable or safe practices.

    As part of any Snap! Raise fundraiser setup, we establish a separate, secure bank account to prevent fraud and ensure your funds are available when you need them. This account is opened following a government-regulated KYC process, ensuring authorization for both the organization and the associated individual.

    What's KYC?

    KYC means “Know Your Customer.” It describes the process of verifying the identity of new customers. The KYC process is performed to prevent illegal activities such as money laundering or fraud, in return protecting both the company and the client.

    We make KYC easy with Snap! Vault. Once your school’s financial profile is submitted and approved, all programs with your school will be able to run a fundraise without the need to create a new KYC submission.

    Data Privacy

    The #1 priority for parents is the safety of their kids. If you check the fine print of many fundraising platforms, you’ll find that they have no problem with sharing or selling program, donor, and even your kids’ data.

    We never share or sell program, participant, or donor data—period. With Snap! Raise you can trust us to keep your kids safe and avoid unexpected privacy breaches.

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