The Snap! Raise Guarantee

The Snap! Raise Guarantee Program is open to all school programs and non-profit organizations affiliated with school programs who desire to participate in utilizing for fundraising software services.

Participants in this program, if eligibility requirements are met, are guaranteed to receive, at a minimum, the same or greater net fundraising proceeds associated with the prior program campaign, provided that a similar participation level is reached and subject to a pre-approval process prior to the Snap! Raise campaign launch.

Pre-Approval shall require the organization to verify the existence of the prior campaign as well as the net proceeds associated with the prior campaign and the total number of participants.

The Snap! Raise Guarantee Program (“Program”) is offered by Snap! Mobile, Inc., and these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) describe the Program. By filing a Snap! Raise Guarantee Request or otherwise seeking to take advantage of the Program, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Eligibility Requirements:

-A school or non-profit organization running a campaign for a school-affiliated program.

-The number of program participants in the prior online fundraiser and a Snap! Guarantee fundraiser must meet a minimum set by Snap! Raise at its discretion.

-The program will run within an agreed timeframe approved by the program and Snap!.

-The program is able to verify to Snap! the net proceeds and total roster participants from the prior campaign.

-95% of the program roster participants must send 20 quality emails, have a 40% open rate, and get at least 1 donation. Quality email is defined as an email that is successfully delivered to a known potential supporter of the participant.

-Program leader must complete onboarding to Snap! platform with Snap!.

-No other program fundraisers can be run for the program for 4 weeks prior to the start of a Snap! campaign or during a Snap! campaign.

-The organization must verify the average donation from the prior campaign and identify any donations that exceeded the average distribution by more than 500%.

-Snap! Mobile, Inc. reserves the right to reject a Snap! Guarantee application for reasons of its own choosing.