What’s a QR Code?

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Curious about QR codes? Have you been to a restaurant in the past year where you had to scan what looks like a square bar code to open the menu on your phone? That’s a QR code!

QR codes were invented in the mid-1990s by Masahir Hara. They’ve become more and more popular ever since. They’re very similar in concept to a product bar code. They can contain a lot of information.

What is a QR code used for?

Manufacturers, such as automobile companies, use QR codes to help them track parts and stock.

They’ve become more common in all sorts of advertising and marketing. It’s a very quick way to bring someone to a particular website and web page.

Restaurants use it so they can show specials without having to reprint their menus.

Stores use it to show coupons or special deals.

A company that sells a small product (like a tube of lipstick) might use it to give its customer the full list of ingredients.

A manufacturer with a complicated product might use one to get customers to a “How to Get Started” video.

QR Codes are very versatile.

How to activate a QR code?

A person with a smartphone (any phone with a camera that also connects to the internet), just takes a picture of the QR code, and voila! The website appears on the phone. It’s very fast and much more accurate than manually typing in the url/website address.

For newer phones, that’s all you need to do.

For older phones, you might need to download an app. Usually taking the picture will prompt the phone to ask if you want it to download a “QR Reader”.

Why does Snap! Raise use QR codes?

We provide a unique QR code for every fundraiser. It’s a great way to get folks quickly and accurately to their friend’s or relative’s fundraising page.

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Are QR codes safe?

As safe as the company providing them. Like any webpage or link on the internet, you never want to click on/activate ones you don’t trust.

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