Updates to the Snap! Raise Participant Experience

The Snap! Raise participant experience has recently been updated to make the fundraising experience simpler than ever. Take a look at the updates participants can expect to see in your next Snap! Raise fundraiser.

Plenty of youth programs need to fundraise to get the equipment, gear, and travel funds their groups need, but that doesn’t mean fundraising should be a chore, either for the group leaders, or the participants. We know your time is valuable, we’re here to help you save time and effort.

We’re constantly adding updates to make our platform even simpler and more user-friendly. Updates that empower your fundraiser participants to raise more easily than ever, so you can focus on what matters most––being a leader!

Take a look at some of the recent updates below to see how we’ve simplified the fundraising process.

Improvements to Our Dashboard

With our new easy-to-navigate workflow, participants receive a guided onboarding prompting them to sign into Snap! Raise and get started fundraising.

Upon sign-up, participants can see which tasks they need to complete in the new Task Manager, like uploading a profile photo, adding potential supporters’ email addresses and phone numbers, and promoting their fundraiser. This makes it easier than ever for participants to track tasks they’ve completed, and see exactly what they need to do next.

Help From Everyone

Some students need a helping hand to set up their campaigns. Luckily, with Snap! Raise’s parent and guardian impersonation, students can invite their parent or guardian to create a Snap! Raise account.

After creating an account through their welcome email, the parent or guardian can carry out any task participants typically would—from adding emails and phone numbers to sending out messages to potential supporters. Guardians can be invited to help fundraise for multiple participants on multiple campaigns at once. So no matter whether they’re helping a single sport athlete or kids across multiple sports, parents can give an assist to every campaign.

Social Sharing

We’ve even got a new button for social sharing! With the new sharing button, participants can share a link to their fundraisers on any app on their phone. So no matter where their community is—from Facebook and X (Twitter) to TikTok or WhatsApp—they can help amplify their message.

Improved Email Flow

With improvements to our email flow, participants who have fundraised with us before will be able to automatically re-add emails from past campaigns when they join a new fundraiser. Using their past emails as a template makes it faster and easier for participants to help in outreach and ensure that potential supporters are contacted to help reach fundraising goals.


The new Snap! Raise Participant experience is showing early signs of success, helping participants to sign up for Snap! Raise, update their profiles, and complete tasks more quickly.

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