5 Ways Snap! Mobile Helps Athletic Directors Win

5 Ways Snap! Mobile Helps Athletic Directors Win

As an Athletic Director, you’re constantly juggling multiple responsibilities. Managing schedules and staff, communicating with parents and fans, organizing fundraisers, scheduling… the list goes on. To make things even more chaotic, you’re likely using a combination of different platforms, apps, and paper files to get everything done.

We get it, everyone has their own method to their madness. However, if your personal method includes separating data and tasks across a dozen different places, you’re likely wasting valuable time and energy, as well as missing out on program growth and revenue for your athletic department.

That’s why we created Snap! Mobile: A software solution allowing you and your department to manage everything – and we mean everything – athletics-related in one place. To help you better understand how it works, here are 5 ways Snap! Mobile helps you, your teams, and your department win big.

1. Saves Time & Increases Efficiency

The Snap! Mobile umbrella encompasses many tools, including Snap! Manage. This app manages everything admin-related, including event scheduling, registration forms, student documentation, payment processing, and more. By keeping everything in one secure place, Snap! Manage saves you time that would be spent aimlessly searching for files, forms, and more.

FanX is another one of our tools focused on efficiency, a custom app that centralizes communication for your school. You can send targeted push notifications, publish schedules, post rosters, and update scores all from the palm of your hand, instead of spending time typing a slew of emails, texts, or Facebook posts to keep fans, parents, and students updated.

2. Provides Better Control and Oversight

Having various information scattered across multiple apps can prevent you from seeing your program’s big picture. Snap! Mobile not only provides oversight of everything going on within your department for better visibility but also gives you more control over it.

For example, our Snap! Manage tool allows you to establish multiple levels of permissions for documents, schedules, communication and more. This ensures that the right people in your athletic department have access to the right information and tasks, and the wrong ones don’t. Another example is how Snap! Manage also gives you a complete oversight of gameday workers, including their contact information, position, salary, and schedule.

As for fundraising oversight, we’ve got that covered too. Snap! Insights is a comprehensive dashboard that displays everything about your fundraising campaigns. This includes who is running a fundraiser, how much they’re raising, along with reporting on current and past fundraisers for all programs.

3. Drives More Revenue

Snap! Mobile helps you generate revenue for your department in several ways, the first being ad sales. Both the FanX app and athletics website offered by Snap! Manage have space for digital advertising placements, which you can sell to sponsors or local businesses. This is a win-win situation, driving revenue for your department and generating business for your partners and businesses in the community.

Another solution included with Snap! Mobile is Snap! Raise, our online fundraising platform that has helped raise over $700 million for schools, groups, and teams. Instead of sending students door-to-door, our platform allows coaches and program leaders to raise funds efficiently and effectively, often outperforming competitors. You’ll even have the opportunity to get early access to a percentage of projected funds, giving you the flexibility to make necessary purchases in advance.

4. Drives Program & Brand Growth

Beyond revenue, you need to drive program and brand growth as an Athletic Director. The athletics website included with Snap! Manage, and the custom-branded FanX app both offer the opportunity to increase awareness with fans and the local community.

Additionally, you can get a Snap! Store up and running for athletes, students, and fans to purchase branded gear and merch. This not only elevates your program’s presence but also provides players with the resources they need to feel confident, well-equipped, and like a team, translating to success on the field.

5. Improves Student Communication & Community Engagement

Lastly, Snap! Mobile helps you improve engagement, building a strong sense of community within your school. The custom-branded FanX app is all about increasing student engagement and involvement, allowing you to send push notifications, update scores, and even live-stream games for fans to watch in the app.

Snap! Manage also plays a pivotal role in facilitating communication between students, coaches, staff, and parents, helping you share important updates about registration, game-day reminders, and general program announcements.


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