Online fundraising designed for K-8 schools and programs

Fundraising for walk-a-thons, school-wide events, or other causes with young students and participants can be challenging, and you must rely on parents’ and guardians’ support. Snap! Raise is here to make it easy for your school or organization to fundraise with the help of parents and guardians through our guardian-led fundraiser solution. Our platform makes it simple for guardians to set up and manage fundraising on their participants behalf.

Features of a Snap! Raise Guardian-led Fundraiser: 
  • Easy set up – Guardians create their own accounts and add profiles for each child participating in the fundraiser. All profile information is safely stored and never shared externally. 
  • Custom fundraising rewards – Incentivize your participants with fun rewards like t-shirts, dress down days, keychains, or stickers! 
  • Automated and engaging outreach – Guardians add email addresses and phone numbers for potential donors and Snap! Raise does the rest with our proven email and text outreach. 
  • Get the kids involved – Each participant will have a QR code for their personal fundraiser page that they can print, save, and share to help get donations.

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Raise more with less effort

Snap! Raise has helped more than 125,000 schools, groups, and teams raise over $800 million. Our online fundraising platform keeps it simple and safe. Participants can skip the door-to-door fundraising and reach out to their supporters online. We keep your data secure through PCI DSS and federal regulation compliance.

Our campaigns raise more because of our tried-and-true process, developed over 10 years of fundraising for athletics and activities. With Snap! Raise, you’re no longer restricted to your neighborhood. The average donor lives 276 miles away! Plus, each fundraiser gets a dedicated, customizable webpage and personalized email and messaging tools to engage donors.

When your fundraiser ends, you can easily pull financial reports. See everyone who donated to your campaign and access all your financial data, like donations and expenditures, anytime you like. Learn more about Snap! Raise and Snap! Mobile’s powerful range of industry-leading solutions for group leaders, coaches, and athletic directors here.