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Choosing the right fundraising partner can be a difficult decision for any booster club leader. There are many options out there. How do you know which will make the most significant difference in raising funds for your club while protecting your organization’s data and saving you time? The Booster Club Buyer Guide will help you understand the impact of online fundraising, show you what questions to ask when considering different fundraising platforms, and provide you with a fundraising checklist.

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How are you engaging with your program’s supporters?

From working concession stands to travel planning and everything in between, booster parents and guardians pour countless hours into building rewarding and fulfilling experiences for their kids. The fundraising efforts required to create these experiences can be a year-round process. Support matters, and the need for team funds never stops. While there’s no doubt that game raffles or a big pancake breakfast are fun, local fundraisers can be time consuming and they miss out on connecting your program to supporters, former participants, and families around the country.

In a digital world, more booster clubs than ever are taking their fundraising efforts online to connect their programs to their supporters around the country.

Download the guide now to read more, including key information about online fundraising, important questions every booster club leader should ask when choosing a fundraiser, and our fundraising checklist to help you evaluate your options.

Booster Club Buyer Guide